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(Offline, like the forum or the guestbook. Guess, this won't be happening in the foreseeable future...)




All right, we've been having serious problems. Until a short while ago, we have been using as our provider for a free-of-charge newsletter. Since that service has shut down as of August 2001, we had to face two choices: Either upgrade to Listbot's pay-service (yes, that one's still operational, but pretty expensive, darn them) or go back to the tired simple mail version.

Uh-huh, you guessed it: You send you e-mail address to, and the next time there's a newsletter, I'll include you in my list.

What do you mean, "the next time there's a newsletter"? I thought this was supposed to be weekly?!
Good question. Thanks for asking, Marc, I can always rely on me - uhhhh, "you" - to point out the interesting.
As you may have noticed, we launched the website with the full intent of releasing some material every week. We lasted almost six months, but the site didn't get the attention (i.e. clicks) we had been hoping for. Whatever the reason, the people who did find their way have stayed around, as far as we can tell.
Still, since we've switched our main focus to writing and selling novels, the updates on the site have moved to the background. Every now and then we will still publish some new material, very irregularly. "Whenever we feel like it" is an apt description. At that point, we'll send out a newsletter and inform you that there's something new to be found. And now and then, if we have some interesting information on our progress, you'd be liable to find a letter in your mailbox as well.
But that would probably wind up to be something like a mail every three to four weeks, so you don't have to worry about getting your mailbox bombed! ;-)

Your e-mail address  is only used to mail you the newsletter. We don't sell the address or forward it in any way. If you would like to discontinue receiving the newsletter, please send a mail to

We would also be very happy to include some "community" messages in our newsletter, e.g. if one of you is looking for fellow role-players in his or her area or perhaps someone wants to sell a few books.

If you would like to place an ad or announcement in the Gushemal Newsletter, please send a mail to

Please note that we will screen all ads whether they are suitable for our newsletter; no adult or illegal material is allowed. We're a good little company, after all!