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Dec 27th: What? Christmas is over?
You didn't say that! Tell me you didn't say that!
It can't be over! Hey, Christmas has just begun, and now I've gotta wait 362 days for the next time?!?!?! How cruel!
All right, I'll face the truth. (Kinda hard since there is still snow around. Look, having that much snow on the roads is really fine on Christmas -- but once that show's over, the snow'd better thaw. Sheesh, I'll have to drive one of these days again...)
What is new? There's a new installment of "A Tale of the Gods" online: Check out IX. Dwarven Mystery! The Goddess Taurkémad is following the trails of  the dwarves who escaped from the divine caves into the world of the mortals...
Ahh, another note: There are only four full days left in the year, so I don't expect that there'll be a new update on the site in 2001. Therefore I hope to see all of you healthy and happy in the new year!

Dec 23rd: Ohboyohboyohboy, it's almost Christmas! Only one more day 'til Chrismas Eve, and then it'll be Christmas Morning soooo soon...
And I'm snowed in. No joke. Over the holidays -- as customary -- I'm visiting my parents, and I've miraculously decided to take my computer along. (Otherwise, you'd quite certainly still be waiting for an update...) But y'know what? I've barely settled down here, after the drive from my place, and the snow started falling. It looks beautiful all right, but I've had to clear the walkways... Not to mention that you'd need to put a shotgun to my head to get me to drive in this weather! No, sirree, not a chance! :-)
So, here's a Merry Christmas to all of you out there! 
Oh, by the way, the second chapter of the current Cornell story is also online. Start reading, and enjoy yourselves!

Dec 13th: And here we are, back with one more installment of "A Tale of the Gods". This time it's Part VIII. The Tiny and the Divine, introducing some gods we haven't really showcased thus far.
Enjoy it! 

Dec 8th: Surprise! It only took a single day longer than originally scheduled for a new story installment to go online. And this one, folks, is a whopper!
We're changing the schedule of "A Tale of the Gods", because we'll now be running two serials parallel with each other. 
The new story is "The Miracle of Solstice Day", the return of our primary hero along with his nutty friends and the troubles they invariably conjure up.
Both stories will alternate appearances, so that every other week each story will get a new installment. (Unless, obviously, we screw up. That's always a possibility...)
Those stories should keep you reading for a while -- and happily, each week something new will be waiting for you on this site! Have fun, folks! (You ought to, we love these stories.)
Oh, right, just a quick note. I actually managed to upgrade the world map from yesterday a little bit. Just got on my nerves that the nations hadn't been noted yet. Otherwise I am still officially sick and tired of that map, so you'd better send me some nice mails to get me back to expanding it. :-)

Dec 7th: Uhhh. Did some idiot say that there would be a new story installment on Friday?
Tsk-tsk-tsk, must have been some complete fool.
Okay, but at least there is something new coming onto the site! Believe it or not, we have a preliminary version of the map of Gushémal ready for you to look at!
Come on, take a look at it --- and doncha dare criticize it as a miserable five-minute-job! I spent eight frellin' hours coming up with that much, and no, I don't really believe it either, looking at the end-result, but it was eight hours, and if ya ---
{THIS MESSAGE IS INTERRUPTED BY chris: "Don't listen to that bozo. He's constantly whining about how much he's working. There isn't a single person on this planet who complains half as much as he does, so just ignore him. Look at the map. I think it's beautiful, and I'll make bozohead work on it again.
"But, uh, bribes would be very welcome. Just don't tell Marc. He, uh, doesn't need to, uh, know..."}

Dec 3rd: Whoa, there are actually readers out there! (mischievous grin from ear to ear) signed our Guestbook last Saturday. Unfortunately he also asked about when we would get some maps of Gushémal onto the site. 
Uhhh, now that is one topic I don't like at all. Chris and I have had discussions about this all year -- most of all because our artistic qualities are below the threshold of viewability. (Okay, translation: We suck at drawing pictures!)
But there are computer programs, aren't there? So, thanks to tda_182, we've gotten a kick in our collective backside, and we've resumed trying to come up with a computer-based map. It'll look awful, of that you can be sure. (Or not, one can always hope.) 
I'd say there's a good chance that next week, at least a preliminary version of a map can go online!
Otherwise, there will be a new story installment coming this week; look for it by Friday!

Nov 27th: "We have a runner!" 
In this week's installment (yes, it's a couple days late, I know!) the goddess Maidoyú has escaped the closing of the gates from last episode. What will she do with her freedom? And might she find something quite against her liking out there, in the mortal realm?
It's "Mortal Concerns", Part VII of our little saga "A Tale of the Gods"!
(Oh, and if you have any comments, please do write I'd love to find out whether you like the stories!)
P.S. Oh, yeah, the story link on the index page was wrong the last couple of days. Thanks for pointing it out to me, folks. *grumbles endlessly* At least now it's right, linking to the latest episode...

Nov 18th: All right, all right, it's winter. Outside it's freezing, inside I'm huddling close to the heater (and temperatures haven't even fallen below freezing yet). Not really enjoyable, all of that.
Therefore just a quick information that the sixth installment of "A Tale of the Gods" is online; "The Closing Gate" continues the story about the ramifications of the old man's arrival at the Eternal City. In the midrealm, the Goddess of Love Alyssa and the God of Light Lonapal have to face serious changes in their way of life...

Nov 11th: Darn, drat, and all those bloody "light" cusswords! My computer's been driving me crazy all week! Awright, to be fair, only my hard disk --- which took the express way to hard drive heaven. May its data rest peacefully! (Unless I can find a good reanimator for the rest of that stuff. Man, why isn't there ever an evil blood wizard or necromancer around when you need one?)
Thus far it seems I have managed to recover most of the data (as indicated by the fact that I can still work on this website, whooooo!), and most of the programs do work with my new hard disk. Of course, a lot is still missing, like all my games, various other software for which I will have to go spelunking to find where I put the CDs. To boldly go where no man has gone before! (Anybody got a machete or a pump-action gun ready? I'm afraid of what could be in the basement. Perhaps all the software and the hardware I threw away have combined into a highly advanced silicone lifeform that despises all biological life -- especially that one specimen who threw them away in the first place...)
Okay, today's business. It's simple. I'm hoping that my internet connection (and the upload) are working fine so that I can put the newest installment of A Tale of the Gods onto the web. It's Part V: A Sentence Delivered. Read it now! Don't let all my work be in vain, don't let all my nerves have perished for nothing! ("No... no... Mr. Computer, I did not imply that you weren't very nice. You're the nicest computer I know, and so I --- please stop flashing those lights, I really didn't mean it like --- PLEASE.....

Nov 1st: Well, Halloween is over. Why do I still look frightful? 
Oh. Right. That's what I look like all the time.
Darn, and I had been so hopeful yesterday it was only a mask. <Insert extensive cursing>
Back to business! It's a Thursday, and for some reason I decided to release this week's installment of "A Tale of the Gods" a bit earlier. So, here it is: IV. An Empty Cave!
As an aside, I've finally managed to watch the new STAR TREK series, Enterprise. Despite my best intents to stay away from Trek, it seems I'm falling in love with this show. Darn, now I have another series to follow religiously! And double-darn, now I'm reverting back to a trekkie! Sheesh, how low can you sink?
Have a great weekend, folks, and be back next week for the fifth chapter of "A Tale of the Gods"!

Oct 26th: Oh, boy, I managed to keep to the schedule! Now it is that Friday, and III. A New Face is online!

Oct 19th: The second installment of "A Tale of the Gods" is now online as well. II. The Maiden can be read here. The next installment (A New Face) will go online around Friday next week!
Cheers and enjoy the weekend!

Oct 14th: Ooooops, there's a second update! In one day?! Gee, I must be sick! (As a matter of fact, I do have a cold. Who knew that it could affect your thinking like this?!)
There's a new story available to read! Well, the first installment, anyway. 
I've been planning to tell you more legends about the Gods of Gushémal, the myths behind them, who exactly they are and how they behave. The stories have been simmering in the back of my head pretty much since I started writing these stories, but now I think I have found a suitable format to present them.
Enter "A Tale of the Gods", a serial that will delve into a number of these myths in the ever popular prose form. Round about every week, a new short installment will be published, and bit by bit you get to learn more of the celestial intrigues, the developments and the gods themselves.
Put on your seatbelts, folks, the ride commences today!

Oct 14th: Just a minor update. I, uh, uncovered a small article I had intended to publish back in June, along with "The Pledge", about the bracers of light used in that story. Somehow I managed to forget about the text and only yesterday stumbled across it. So, without any further ado, here it is: Bracers of Light (no batteries included).

Oct 10th: Once more, nearly a month has passed since I deigned to update the site. Well, more or less. We've had one visitor who left an entry in our forum and guestbook, "Kid Death". Thanks for visiting Gushémal! 
By the way, folks, "Kid Death" would like some help with role-playing. Why don't you try to get a discussion going in our forum? I'm sure, he'll check back on our site often enough to find out if something has changed!
All right, in other news, I have now removed the note about the Sept 11th incident from the index page but kept the ribbon. It now links to a separate page where I will occasionally write about how I, Marc, feel about the events that ensued. Please, don't expect detailed, political analyses or up-to-date news or anything of the kind. I leave that to the experts. Instead, I want to mention a few personal thoughts, and maybe you would like to read about that. If you'd like to comment on that, please write to me at Thanks!
And now for something completely different: Last week I finished the first draft of The Squared Circle Murders, a contemporary mystery novel that deals with professional wrestling. The novel is currently 81,000 words long, and in November we will review and polish the book for a second draft. After that, miracle of miracles, we can start shopping the book around.
Still waiting to be finished is All the King's Men, a Gushémal novel. I expect to resume writing on that book within the next two or three weeks, hopefully (sigh!) to be finished before the year is out. Sins of the Mother, also set in this fantasy world, is currently shelved until Chris and I get a better handle on how to do the story.
Probably more interesting for you, kind reader, is that I'll be delving finally into the tales of the gods I've been promising for months in the fall schedule to the left. If nothing interferes, the first installments of those tales will appear here next week!
Well, here's hoping that'll happen. ;-)
Until then, take care!

Sept 13th: It has now been two days since the terrorist attacks in the USA. Two days, and with every passing hour I realize that the past Tuesday is a day of history.

Tuesday, September 11th 2001.

That day will be remembered by every person who was alive and aware. 

We will remember where we were when we heard the news. 

We will remember the anguish and the terror that seized our hearts when we realized the cruelties inflicted on innocent human beings. 

We will remember the fear that flushed into our minds and hearts. What will become of this? Will there be a war? Will we be the next targets?

We will remember the rage that followed, the anger, that our peaceful lives had been ravaged, destroyed, by some twenty madmen, armed with knives and cardboard cutters -- that we were standing before the ruins of our safe world, symbolized all too forcefully by the smoldering remains of the World Trade Center.

We will remember the pain that we felt in the following hours and days, when we saw the images again and again, of the airplanes impacting the two towers of the World Trade Center. The pain when we imagined what the people on those planes were thinking and feeling in the last moments of their lives. What the people in the towers went through, when fire and smoke invaded their offices, when they tried to escape from their workplace.

We will remember the helplessness we felt, seeing some people jump from the windows of their offices, falling for many dozens of stories to their ensured deaths. We will remember wondering what could possess a human being to leap from such a height.

We will remember that it had been an ordinary day before -- perhaps a day of joy, perhaps a day of sadness -- perhaps we had finally resolved to quit a job -- perhaps we had been preparing for a romantic evening -- perhaps we had resigned ourselves to the belief that this day would be like every other day before.

We will remember that this belief and our plans were shattered.

Tuesday, September 11th 2001.

We will remember.

Marc         Chris       Guillermo

On a much lighter note, I have added Guillermo's bio to our FAQ page. Check it out!

Sept 3rd: Woweee, it's been a while since I looked into this, isn't that right? (Judging by the amount of cobwebs that have gathered here... well, yes, that sounds right.)
What's new?
--- Hey, why are you rolling your eyes like that? Occasionally there is something new on the site after all!
Take today, for instance! I've finally finished the downloads for the last four stories, and I've put them in the download section as well as crosslinked them on every page (I think...) - that's something! (All right, something I've been meaning to do for months, fine, yes, right, oh go jump into a volcano, okay?)
Seriously, there's been a lot of hurly-burly going on around here. We're thinking of relaunching the site some time in the near future. "Relaunch" may be too strong a word, but we'll remodel the place a teensy bit and put some new stories and background materials online, while we're trying to get some more visitors onto this esteemed site. 
That relaunch will also coincide with the launch of our Spanish version of Gushémal. Thanks to our translator, we currently have about half the project ready.
As far as novels are concerned, Chris and I are apparently hopping like manic rabbits from one project to the next, with one or the other visit to the older ones. There are, by now, three novels in the pipeline, all of which should be finished by the end of this year. Two of these books are set in the Gushémal universe, one is a contemporary mystery novel. I'll keep you updated on them -- particularly if the unthinkable happens and I actually finish one of them.
Take care, folks,
Marc (

July 22nd: Nothing much happened recently. Backstage, we're still busy working on the novels, particularly trying to get them sold. Currently we have a few queries out and are keeping our fingers crossed for the response (hopefully a "Why, sure, we've been waiting for you! You'll be the next J.R.R. Tolkien!" ---- Yeah, right. Hey, I've got a right to dream now and then!)
The Spanish translations are coming alone fine. I'm looking forward to the day we can unveil them on this site! (And no, I'm not looking forward to putting it all online. Man, that's gonna be a load of work! All right, so it'll be worth it, more than that...) Guillermo is doing a great job, I enjoy reading his work!
Well, that's a minor update for now. Read the story I put up last week -- I hope it's as much fun to read as I loved writing it.
Come back often and drop a mail to how you like the site! Thanks!

July 13th: Waaaaaahhhhh! It's Friday the 13th! Hide under the bed - and start worrying when there's a guy with an icehockey mask named Jason at your doorstep!
All right, so it's much, much worse. It's 5 a.m., and I've spent the last hour inserting a new story into the website rather than peacefully snore (i.e. cut down several forests). It's finally there, the story you've been waiting for, the origin story of Flink of Tieferbau! (What, you were waiting for the origin of Marvel's Wolverine? Sheesh, it'll come out in two months at your trusted comic book shop, true believers, so simmer down!)
Anyway, it's the young Flink - several years before starring in the Cornell show -, and he's just as annoying as you remember him. Except that one lady alreu doesn't find him quite that annoying. That's a good thing, right? Well, if there weren't a second lady alreu who very much thinks the same thing... And did I mention Flink's cousin Ungestum, the bully who wants to get a pretty piece of stone from him?
It's turmoil in Flink 90210, so get started reading!
In other news, Chris and I have been working in shifts - so to speak - on the Gushémal novels. Right now, we're trying to hammer out the storyline of a second novel, as yet untitled. The novel stars the trio of Ha'el, Markesh and Willett (first introduced in the surely classic tale "Ruins and Hopes") and features their involvement in an elven tribal conflict. There is some comedy in there, a lot of drama and a search for personal roots. 
Right now, the first 11,000 words are finished, and we're getting the hang of the book. Could be we'll finish this one first, then head back to All the King's Men and bring the "real" war story to an end.
Oh, and a special thank you to Jörg Bours who wrote in to say he enjoys Gushémal - but wants maps! Hey, so do I! It ain't easy writing about geography when my dear writing partner (a.k.a. Geekboy Chris) just can't his act (i.e. scanning the sketches at least) together. (All right, I would be more serious in my rebukes if either of us had any luck at drawing. If we could, there'd be LOTS of drawings on this page anyway! Sometime soon, though, we'll get that put together...) 

June 29th: I'm redesigning the website a bit. You'll notice a few changes, but I wasn't in the mood for a truly major redesign. Forum, Guestbook and Schedule have disappeared from this site; they are still active, though, in the pages below this level. (It was too much work getting them out of every page. Me Marc, me lazy.)
Why am I doing this? Well, the traffic on this site hasn't exactly been overwhelming - as you can see from the counter. There hasn't been a single entry in the forum nor in the guestbook. Why maintain that on the main page where it slows the download down to a crawl?
If there should be regular readers of our site, why the <insert liberal bit of cursing> didn't you write to us?! It just might have induced us to plod on a bit longer! At the very least it would show us that we aren't alone in this world!
All right, the rambling rant is over and cheerful Marc is back again.
By the way, our newsletter is going down for good in the current form. LISTBOT is discontinuing its free services, so we'll have to go back to the old standard. You send a mail to me that you want to receive the newsletter, and whenever a new one goes out, you'll be included in the list.

June 22nd: All right, so somebody appears to be getting lazy. We aren't, as you might have learned from the previous page. While the website is on hiatus for the moment (with intermittent publications), Marc and Chris are writing novels. I've already mentioned All the King's Men, a Gushémal novel, which ran 30,000 words the last time I worked on it (about a month ago).
Since then I have switched (back) to another fantasy novel which is not set in the Gushémal world. That novel, Apprentice, is finished in a first draft by yesterday and runs well over 100,000 words. 
Apprentice is the story of a young man with a great destiny -- which is a bit hard to tell since the first thing he does in the novel is trying to commit suicide! Oh, yes, life hasn't given Stahm Reynart the best of choices. Will he find his destiny? Will he get the girl?
The answers are a bit different than you'd expect...
Now that's it for today, sometime next week I'll check back in with you, giving you an update. 
Thank you for checking out the site, and please give us some comments!

June 8th: Phew, yet another story on the table. It's the fifth installment in the Cornell saga: "The Pledge" - which is sure to bring a dramatic change for our character. And dare I say that he won't like this change? 
On another matter, we have a translator for a Spanish version. And I would like to take the time to welcome Guillermo Luis Pereyra into the fold, who has done a magnificent job so far. Thanks, and welcome to the show!

May 25th 2001: One of the characters from the Cornell series makes a solo appearance in the bonus story "Childhood of a Fighter": Gabe, son of Karungal and Toriel! 

May 18th 2001: Well, here we go with the second and final installment of The Tonomai Empire in Nations and Places. Take a look and see what happened to this proud nation, and how the clash of the dynasties impacted it.

May 14th 2001: Ooops, there's been another delay in gettin' the next installment out. I pray your forgiveness - but my internet connection broke down over the weekend and it took me until Monday, i.e. today, to get it fixed. 
So, without further ado, we present to you the first part of our examination of the Tonomai Empire. You've already gotten a glimpse of this realm in "Warrior Eternal", heard about their conquests past in "Ruins and Hopes", so now you can find out more about what makes this empire tick.
As always, please let us know what you think! Write to, and tell him how much you crave to read more, more, MORE! (Yes, I'm greedy. So?)

May 8 2001: Just a little update behind the scenes. Right now we're working on the first novel set in the Gushémal universe, under the working title of All the King's Men. It's a tale of the war between Cayaboré and Rek'atrednu, back in the days of Cornell's father.
Thus far we have about 20,000 words finished - that's about a fifth of the projected length. Of course it's a marvelous work, and I expect editors to fight each other over who gets to publish the book. And while I'm dreaming, why not have Jeri Ryan of Star Trek fame declare her undying love to me?
On other notes, there was a minor mistake on this page; it's been corrected. (A warm smile to the one who noticed what it was.)
In addition, I'm starting a list of the books I have read recently, currently in the FAQ under "Marc H. Wyman" - it isn't much, mostly due to the fact that I don't get to read a lot these days. Might be connected with spending so much time at the computer, typing up stories... Anyway, I include comments, and that might prove interesting.

May 4 2001: Well, well, well, there's another story out. It's "Warrior Eternal", continuing the (dis-)adventures of Cornell and his companions who are trying - well, all right so mostly they are trying Cornell's patience.
Nonetheless, it's a good little trip into the Tonomai Empire, a joust and it ends with a real crashlanding.
Give it a try, and as usual, let us know how you like the story!

Apr 27 2001: It's that time again, isn't it? Time to put some new stuff onto the site, and - whoa, has this been four weeks in a row already? (Sarcasm well intended.) 
We're continuing the Bestiary entries from last week - and this time we're introducing the dragons of Gushémal. You might say there's a bit of variety to be found. Perhaps. Just a few different species, some perhaps rather remote from the classic maiden-stealing and knight-devouring dragon...
Also of interest are the alreus. You've already met one of their number in "Shield Maiden". Now you can find out more about the thieving, <censored, censored!> manlings!
Enjoy the articles, and drop us a line, will you? Thanks!

Apr 20 2001: And another update, as always right on time. Well, we never fail, whether rain, hail or snow, and...
All right! All right! Just bring on those sarcastic comments about us being just as late as snailmail, anyway, okay?
Yeah, for sure, just bring it, and we'll show you how postal we can get!
Seriously, there are a number of new creatures in the Bestiary; check them out, they're a fun read. (Some are even original! Uhm, actually all of them, I think... Let me check my notes...)
Next week we'll be back on schedule! Now I'll go catch a few Zs, I really need them.
Happy reading, folks!

Apr 18th 2001: Whoo-peee!!! The module is finally on the web! By God, I thought I'd never get this thing finished. It's a real monster of an adventure, with lots of background information, lots of --- oh, what the heck, folks, just read The Courier's Oath
And be sure to write us whether it's any good! Both and look forward to hearing from you whether all the hard work was worth the while. (Look, I still managed to put an alliteration together!)
Seriously, the entire RPG has already consumed a lot of time. For the past two months there's been little besides working on the rules or the module, touching up this, finetuning that, or just plain old writing up the massive texts. (And we're far from finished with the game!)
So, please take the time to read it. Any comments are welcome, even negative ones. (Uhm, the latter please mail to I -- Marc -- am really, really tired...)
Folks, in two days the next update will be ready! Be sure to check out this site again!

Apr 17th 2001: Uhm, right, we're late. The module was supposed to go online today, but, errr, I haven't quite finished the webpages. What IS available is a download of the entire module in our Download section.
So the actual text is finished, there's only lazy ol' me takin' my time. Hmm, I could dish up some nice explanations (read, excuses), but I'll spare you the details. It'll get finished soon - and the next update will go online on Friday, as planned. Promised!

Apr 12th 2001: It's right around the corner, the official Easter Egg Hunt! Time to strain your eyes, time to look in all the likely and unlikely places (not to forget the impossible ones) - just to get one of those colored eggs... So get busy, folks!
Happy holidays, everybody!
As for the website, we're taking a break from our schedule this week - because of Good Friday tomorrow, there won't be any new material. But don't worry, next Tuesday the adventure module The Courier's Oath, part of our Gushémal Role-Playing Game, will come online. (Right after we have, uh, stomached all of the good food our respective families dish up...)
A note on the side: Last week, we passed a bit of a milestone in Gushémal. I looked at the size of all our texts (a lot of them still waiting to be published...), and found that we have more than a quarter million words! Wow! In fact, there's 272,000 words in stories, The World articles, RPG books... Whoa, now let's get back to work and double that! (Later...)

Apr 6th 2001: And there's a new story waiting to be read by you. Read "Shield Maiden", a great story that again features Cornell - now in his own series. He'll be returning each month with new adventures.
Two new sidekicks join our Cayaborean hero, Gabe and Flink. But never fear, the weasely wizard Barandas will come back to haunt Cornell as well.
A note on the site design: Because we now have two series in the Stories section, I'll redesign that section a little. Again, there's all this business with the delays, and properly so, I'll be getting to that over the weekend.
Oh, and the downloads will come online after Easter. Talk about delays, we're really dishing it up, ain't we? ;-)

Apr 5th 2001: So, the new schedule is up. As you can tell, there's only one story. (We yanked the bonus story from April and put it into May, since the module is just so <beep>ing big.) And we only have updates on the bestiary; there are quite a lot of creatures we had to get rid of. In return, the next months will see rather little of this.
Instead, we'll work on Mythology and Nations and Places. Stay tuned.

Mar 31st 2001: Thank the gods! The Game Master's Guide is finished, and it's online. Another bunch of rules, another step towards the finishing of the game. Well, as far as this preliminary version is concerned, all that is still missing is the module. In the revised schedule (due to my illness) The Courier's Oath will go online on April 12th 2001.
The PDF versions of the rulebooks are also delayed, we will release them right after Easter. 

Mar 30th 2001: Ouch, there's another delay. We were planning to release the Game Master's Guide today, but we're experiencing a wee bit of troubles with the website. Nothing serious, it'll delay the release by one day. Tomorrow, on Saturday March 31st 2001, the GM Guide will go online. Promised!

Mar 24th 2001: First order of the day was for me to upload the missing articles from last week, and now - finally - they're up and ready to be read.
The Dwarves of Gushémal are online, as are The Arrufat Peninsula and the Wild Coast
Darawk, God of Knowledge
, also has received his first introduction into the world. (This article will be expanded further in the coming months.)
And now I'm going back to work on the RPG, for the first time in two weeks. Bloody <censored> flu!!!

Mar 23rd 2001: I'm BACK! You can't imagine how good it feels to finally write this! By all the gods in the world of Gushémal - and all the "real" gods as well, while I'm at it - that was a terrible week I've just suffered through. More like ten days, actually, and it feels as if I got hit by the worst influenza I've ever experienced.
I was running a fever of more than 100°F. To be exact, it went up to 40° centigrade, and it felt as if my head was about to burst apart. Add to that a spice of utter confusion -- you don't want to know the things I've thought of during those days, or where I thought I was --, of course only in doses of five minutes, then a completely different set of confusing circumstances cropped up.
Anyway, there was NO way for me to do any work at all. I barely managed to think of Gushémal, and that was already a great achievement...
Enough of the whining. I'm back, and the whole carefully planned schedule is in pieces. I'll be inserting the texts planned for last week (Mar 16) from now on, then I'll be working on the GM Guide and the module, trying to get them finished ASAP --- which quite surely will not be March 30.
Check back here (and to The Game page) for more information on when GM Guide and the module go online.
On the plus side, you can already download the Character Sheet (in PDF form or zipped PDF) from our Download page.
Me now start work, me no more sick, me <awww-choooooo> sure of that

Mar 12th 2001: So, we're running right on time, with the Handbook on-line, right? Yeah... Just that the GM Guide is taking a little longer than expected, and we're postponing it by a week (compared to the original schedule). We'd been hoping to get it finished by the end of this week, but instead, we'll be putting out the new entries in THE WORLD on Friday.
One integral component of the RPG - as far as players are concerned - is also still missing, the Character Sheet (incl. some instructions on how to use it). We're keeping it back for a bit, just in case some last-minute changes creep up in the GM Guide.
The download of the Handbook has now also gone on-line, so you can read it in comfortable PDF format (or zipped).

Mar 9th 2001: Phew, the Player's Handbook is done! Whooo-ey! Celebration time! Thank god! What the heck, I'll thank the waitress at the pub which I'm heading to right now!
Y'know, like Good Ol' Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra said, "What do you mean, 'One more'? That's what I'm gonna say five minutes from now to the waiter!"
Seriously, look at it. There's a ton of material waiting to be checked out --- and believe me, I'm afraid to think about all the things we've left out this far. C'mon, read it! Thanx a bunch!
("Now, waiter... One more!")

Mar 7th 2001: Ooooopsie, there I wrote yesterday that the adventure module "The Courier's Oath" was scheduled for March 16th, didn't I? Darn, it's always been March 30th. Me idiot just copied the note from the Game Master Guide over to the Modules, and... oh, well, I just corrected it...

Mar 6th 2001: Yes, yes, I let the diary slip down a little. So what, I'm working full throttle on getting the game done on time!
What's new? For the newsletter, we've taken up the services of LISTBOT.COM, which makes the whole thing easier to manage for us.
The forum will shortly switch over to a "discussion list" by e-mail, courtesy of LISTBOT.COM (as soon as I find the time). Until then, we'll make do with the old-style forms. (Provided that somebody decide to post entries, in the first place. Feels kinda lonely here... <cry, sob>)

Feb 28th 2001: I upgraded the site a little (again... does this ever stop?). Behind the scenes we're working hard to get the RPG ready and finished for its scheduled release date on March 9th. (And if I didn't have to work on the site all the time, we'd be a lot further ahead.) As it is, we'll be releasing version 0.1 of the game right on schedule.
Yes, it's "only" version 0.1! There is so much left to do on the game that it'd take six months at the very least - and we would very much love your input. So, we'll be releasing a workable version with a few gaps (and getting THAT done is quite a bit of work...).
Rest assured, it already looks like a great bunch of fun! 

Feb 22nd 2001: Okay, it looks like the site is fully functional once more. Phew! That was a close shave...
Nonetheless, it's only Thursday, and the site is getting its regular update, due to an extended week-end vacation I'll be taking (about an hour from now, yaaaay!).
We have the first character bios on-line, and they're fun to read. Trust me! Just your good ol' average stories about a boy and his pet dragon (okay, that's just one scene, but I got you there for a moment, didn't I?).
Also take a look at the new magical spell and the appliances
As usual, drop us a line!

Feb 20th 2001: Well, now this was a pleasant surprise. After re-working the site on Sunday, I was rather - uhhh - intrigued to find that all the links of the navbars on every page of this site got screwed up. Instead of pointing to the files on the website they suddenly pointed to the respective files on my own hard drive! (Yup, the ones which I upload and which I use to design the site.)
Strangely enough, no other computer seems to have access to my private hard drive wherefore the pages didn't work anymore. Oh so very strange.
I still don't understand why this happened - nor have I understood why the repairs don't really take either. The way it looks right now, I'll be redoing the ENTIRE website's navbars by hand. Hello, boring hackjob! Good-bye, trying to finish some creative work...
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some crying to do.

Feb 17th 2001: Time for a bit of revising the website. This page is moving down the ranks just a bit, with a new lauchpage added up front. (This loads just a bit too slowly, y'know?)
We recommend that you update your bookmarks/favorites to this page. Let us know if the revised version looks better. ("Huh? There's something different?")

Feb 16th 2001: Boy, we almost forgot this little, teensy-weensy detail... What that detail is? Oh, well, just this pesky, unnecessary part of UPLOADING the page to the server. Boy, is this troublesome or what?
Okay, can we be serious for a minute here? 
Thank you. 
This week, we're concluding our section on the Elves of Gushémal with the last three subspecies. We also present to you the "Genealogy of the Gods", whereby you can finally see all the gods of the main Gushémal pantheon and their functions. (It isn't entirely finalized, so we're liable to work on it again... hopefully)
Check it out! 
And don't forget to mail or your comments!

Feb 9th 2001: Here we go, the Elves are taking their first bows before the audience. We've split the text into two parts (the second will be following next week), just because it's a lot of material to read.
Go on, give it a try and let us know whether you like it! Write to, I enjoy receiving positive feedback!

Feb 8th 2001: All right, so I didn't keep the diary up to date (what with being sick and all). There've been a few changes, most notably that the forum and guestbook are now fully installed and functional. It's "only" forms that are forwarded to me, but - oh, well - it works, and all I have to do is cut and paste the stuff. Once there's gonna be a lot of traffic, I'm sure to change it to another script, but for now -- I've gotta write all the material we're publishing, after all! <grin>
Stay tuned for tomorrow's update, when we'll be introducing our first sapient species, the Elves of Gushémal!

Feb 1st 2001: Officially still sick but well enough to get back to the computer. I know it's Thursday, but since both Chris and I are suffering from disease (different ones, of course, would be too boring otherwise), I'm already uploading the weekly installment.

Jan 23rd 2001: Added a new link, to a certain nifty comic on the web that I worship every day. I only discovered it last Saturday --- and since then I spent dozens of hours on my miserable 56k line to download all the old comics, because I just got addicted! I barely managed to work on the site, if you're wondering, but Sluggy Freelance was more important... WAAAH!!!
So be good and give a try -- and get as badly addicted as I got!

Jan 18th 2001: Awright, so today's update comes on Thursday, instead of our accustomed Friday. So sue us! (Yeah, right, there's a court that'll take your case... Uh, there is?)
Enjoy our update. Check out the first creatures in the Bestiary and the first nations and places!

Jan 15th 2001: Another minor upgrade to the website's look. Just a few changes, but - boy - did they take a while to implement. But it does make the site a little bit better looking - in the endless quest for aesthetic pleasure. (grin)

Jan 12th 2001: As promised, the second entry appears. Learn about Gushémal's Goddess of Love - the fair lady Alyssa - in our Mythology section of THE WORLD. 
(Ain't it great? So far we haven't broken our new year's resolution of regular updates!)
And remember, send your comments to us - we live for them!

Jan 5th 2001: We're online! Finally, the "real" website premieres on the web, and from now on you can check out this page every week for new materials.
Please be sure to read our first story, "Call of the Dragon, Part I". We hope that you will enjoy it - and please let us know! Write to or to, we're looking forward to it.

And also: Happy New Year!
Marc                          Chris

Dec 21st 2000: Happy Winter Solstice, everyone! (Gotta remember the heathen holidays on which the Christian ones are based, don't we? <grin>)
Okay, I'm adding a couple of changes to the text. The FAQ is shaping up nicely, I'm also trying to include all the image files and prefaces in THE WORLD. Could be that this site is actually up and running by our deadline... (With only an improvised forum and guestbook, but that's better'n nothing.)

Dec 12th 2000: Wow, I've opened the website files again! Quelle surprise! There are a few changes I'd better implement, just some basic alterations. Major (text) changes I'll take care of during the xmas holidays.

Dec 2nd 2000: Whew, feelin' somewhat better after hittin' the flu downtime. But now I've been trying to install forum, guestbook & counter, but the things aren't quite working yet. Bloody.... it's starting agaaaaaaaiiin....
--- Okay, the automatic versions from STRATO don't work too well. (Amongst other things because they insist on GERMAN language. Gotta take a look at diff't stuff.)
On the plus side, now the counter is working!!!

Nov 27th 2000: Okay, (sniff), dragged myself out of the nice warm bed to do a little more work. Looks like by now most of the sub-pages are installed and more or less functional. Still isn't the most readable and nice to look at, but that I'll take care of later on.
I guess this is about as far as I can get this far. For further changes I've gotta brainstorm with my creative partner (also known as "the other drunk there").

Nov 26th 2000: Trying to get a bit further, despite an annoying cold (ah-choo). I'm starting to like the current layout, and maybe I can manage to write a few of the basic texts for these pages. 

Nov 25th 2000: Generated the first version of the homepage, mostly without images, and - thus far - without links. Right now I am trying to get a feel for the layout, and also which information is still missing. It's a darn slow process, and I wish I could get back to the bloody writing since there is still such a lot missing.



Schedule for June 2001

June 8th: 
Cornell returns in "The Pledge"

June 15th:
Demons and creatures from the abysses... we're dishing up some more information on the creatures from the Netherworld!

June 22nd & 28th:
A bonus story appears in Tales of Strange Adventures, featuring the alreu Flink in his origin tale:
- "Rock of Discontent"!


All schedules for the coming months are only preliminary and therefore "subject to change". We might shuffle the articles about a little, so they may be published a bit later (or earlier) than announced.
To the left, you'll find the last schedule we posted on our (hopefully first!!!) regular run. We never finished it - on schedule we didn't - ouch! Traffic didn't blossom as we had expected, and by June we decided that there was a lot of stuff already on the site, so we stopped regular releases.

Maybe someday in the future we will resume a regular schedule. It probably won't be weekly, perhaps biweekly or on some other order. Sit tight, true believers, we won't forget you! (Urks, I just quoted Stan "The Man" Lee from Marvel Comics!)