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9.  Spells and Blessings 

Important Note: Chris is still working on the magic system! It is far from finished, so you should thoroughly read the basic information available for the classes (for wizards, cf. 4.2.7.; for clerics, cf. 4.3.1.). Determine the effects of your actions based on that data.

The system is far from perfect, and Chris only wants to put together the spells and blessings after he is satisfied. There are only a few preliminary suggestions in this chapter, the earliest ideas on how to use magic.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to what you have read so far and to the following items, please send them as quickly as possible to He’ll be extremely grateful for your help (and maybe he can get out of the severe thrashing Marc has promised him if he doesn’t hurry up and get the darn thing finished. Maybe.)


9.1. Spells

Although the term is often used for all applications of magic, it really only describes the magical actions taken by wizards. (Clerics use blessings.)

9.1.1. Spell Level 1

Cleanse                     Cost: 1 TL

The wizard can cleanse his clothes and himself momentarily of dirt or wetness.


Flash                        Cost: 2 TL

The wizard causes a minor flash that blinds several people for the time of a round. During this round, none of the blinded persons can take any action.


9.1.2. Spell Level 2

Darkness                   Cost: 2 TL

The wizard can completely darken a room of 15 by 15 feet. (The effect lessens outside this sphere.)

For each 10 minutes of upkeeping this spell, another point of TL is consumed.


Light                           Cost: 2 TL

The wizard creates  a source of light in his hand which brightens an area of 60 feet around him.

For each 20 minutes of upkeeping this spell, another point of TL is consumed.


9.2. Blessings

Blessings are the applications of magic taken by clerics.

9.2.1. Blessing Level 1

Blossom                                                         Cost: 1 SR

The cleric can cause flowers to blossom.


9.2.2. Blessing Level 2

Healing (1)                                                     Cost: 5 SR

The cleric can heal 2d10 hit points, i.e. the rolled out number is added to the current hit points on the character sheet.


Prayer / Blessing the Ground                        Cost: 4 SR

The priest can ask for divine assistance to his companions and himself. This creates a (light) ring of protection which affects undead creatures. The attackers receive an additional penalty of –20.





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