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7.  Equipment (6)

7.5. Shields

Aside from armor, there is one more very effective way to protect against damage: shields. Unfortunately, carrying a shield also bears disadvantages: For one thing, the shield has to be strapped on during a fight. Safely hooked onto the horse’s harness may help the beast, it won’t be of much use to you. Then there’s the question of weight; a good shield can be quite heavy, and a character needs to be able to lift that kind of weight. Finally, the shield ties up one hand, so the character can’t reach out to grasp something or hold on to something.

(The latter could become very unpleasant in a dungeon. Just think about a trapdoor suddenly opening beneath you, and your character is slamming his shield into that nice handhold rather than grasp it.)



Cost Weight Attack Penalty Structure Points


1 gp 4 lbs -5 30


10 gp 14 lbs -10 100


7 gp 9 lbs -5 70


3 gp 6 lbs -5 50

Table 19: Shields

Notes on the size and shape of shields

A buckler is a small, round shield (commonly with a boss in its center).

Large shields are generally rectangular, although some are oval. They are large enough that an adult man can duck behind it and be completely protected by the shield. (Think of the shields employed by the Roman legionaries.)

Small and medium shields have various shapes, they can be rectangular like their larger cousins, but there are also triangular varieties (such as those commonly used by knights). Their major difference is their size: Small shields are designed for riders; they don’t encumber the process of controlling the steed, but are enough to block a sword blow. The medium-sized shields are more suited to ground fighters.


7.6. Helmets

Without a helmet, your head could get quite drafty. Particularly with an arrow racing towards it and looking to pierce a hole into it… 

Helmets Cost Weight


10 gp 9 lbs

Mail coif

4 gp 5 lbs


5 gp 7 lbs

Table 20: Helmets

Close-faced Helmet

This helm covers the entire head. The face is protected either by a fixed plate with a slit or grid in front of the eyes, or a movable visor serves as protection of the face.


Mail Coif

This is not really a helmet per se, as it is a hood of chainmail over the head. Its prior use is against blades.

Mail coifs have historically been used as secondary protection under a full helmet; that carried with it the additional problem of weight again. It also could get quite warm under the two layers of protection.


Open-faced Helmet

Other than its close-faced variety, this has no kind of facial protection.


7.7. Standard Prices

In this section we list a number of standard prices for items and services available all across Gushémal. (The section will grow over time as we collect more items. If you have any ideas, and ideally some price suggestions, please mail them to

Please note that these are only standard prices, which means they can vary from place to place. For instance, a camel is likely to run into the thousands of gold coins way down in the south, well away from the warmer regions of its origin. (Of course, you’re currently playing only in the Wild Coast, which is still somewhat suited to this beast. Plus, the Tonomai probably brought a couple of their own across the Straits of Stevereev.) Also, consider the prices of ales – they are very much likely to change from tavern to tavern.

These are general guidelines which the GM should refer to when setting prices. If so desired, the GM can also introduce regional specialties or other kinds of items. But please consider that the prices have to be in line with those listed here.

Animals Cost Drink & Food Cost Services Cost


100 gp


6 cp

Lodging (per day)



5 sp




1 sp


1 gp


30 cp


50 cp


10 sp


80 cp


25 cp


2 gp




20 cp


80 gp


50 cp

Priest, healing

1 sp

Pigeon, homing

1 gp


20 cp

Priest, healing spell

5 gp


60 gp


10 cp


5 cp


50 sp


5 cp


5 cp


12 gp


15 cp


50 cp


200 gp


50 cp

Horseshoe & Shoeing

1 sp

 Table 21: Standard Prices

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