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7.  Equipment (2)

7.2. Items

Pack the right items for your campaign, that is the first rule of an adventure. (Actually, it is “grab anything the GM mentions, maybe it’ll be useful later on,” but you’ll learn about that later on. At the very latest when you have to trek back through a dungeon filled with monsters who are rather unhappy about your slaying their comrades, just to pick up an amulet that opens the secret passage.)

For now, it’s important that you think about what you might require on your campaign. If you are about to explore a dungeon or cave, you’re likely to require torches (unless your party is entirely composed of dwarves, that is.)


Never forget to buy a container – such as a backpack – for your items. It’s rather tedious if you are the proud owner of ten torches – but you have to carry them under your arm because you forgot to buy a bag.

Name Price Weight Notes


5 gp 2 lbs Can contain up to 40 lbs

Belt pouch

5 sp 1/2 lbs Can contain up to 10 lbs


80 sp 2 lbs -


150 gp 5 lbs Contains 50 pages


5 cp 1/10 lbs Burns for 3 hours


2 cp 1/100 lbs -


2 cp - 100 yards


1 sp - -

Flint & Steel

10 sp 1/10 lbs Light a fire without the (otherwise required) skill

Glass bottle

20 sp 1/2 lbs Can contain up to 1 litre

Healer's Bag

10 gp 5 bls Contains healing herbs and bandages (+ 15 % Healing skill)

Iron pot

2 gp 10 lbs Small cooking pot


150 sp 5 lbs Light reaches 45 ft

Magnifying glass

15 gp 1 lbs -

Map / Scroll case

1 gp 1 lbs Can contain up to 20 sheets

Mirror, small

10 sp 1/10 lbs -

Oil lamp (per flask)

125 cp 1 Burns for 5 hours

Paper (per sheet)

1 gp - -

Parchment (per sheet)

60 sp - -

Perfume (per vial)

200 gp 1/2 lbs -

Quiver (Bolt or Arrow)

1 gp 1/2 lbs Can contain up to 20 arrows or bolts


25 sp - Made from a feather


30 sp 10 lbs 50 ft

Sack, large

4 sp 1/2 lbs Can contain up to 50 lbs

Sack, small

1 sp 1/10 lbs Can contain up to 10 lbs

Sewing needle

1 sp - -


30 cp - -


2 sp 1/2 lbs -

Tent, large

15 gp 15 lbs Offers space for 4 persons

Tent, small

8 gp 10 lbs Offers space for 2 persons


10 cp 1/2 lbs Burns for 30 minutes

Wax, sealing (per lb)

10 sp 1 lb Suffices for 50 seals


35 cp 5 lbs For honing the weapons

Wine- / Waterskin

15 sp 1 lb Can contain up to 3.5 litres

Wine- / Waterskin (small)

5 sp 1 lb Can contain up to 1 litre

Writing ink (per vial)

5 gp 1/10 lbs -

 Table 15: Items

7.2.1. Special or Magical Items

The following items are magically created (so-called “appliances”) and won’t be available everywhere. (Some are extremely rare, like the elfwood sword while the Modayrean firelighter is relatively common.)

Name Price Weight Notes

Elfwood Sword

10,000 gp 2 lbs Causes 4d10+3 damage; Range Factor 2

Bracers of Light

250 gp 1/2 lbs Creates cone of light for up to 30 yards

Modayrean Firelighter

100 gp 1/10 lbs Creates tiny flame

Table 16: Magical Items


Elfwood Sword

This is a legendary weapon of elven make. Fashioned from the wood of the elftree (hence the name), they are quite rare on Gushémal. Although there are places where elftrees are somewhat plentiful (along the northern coast), working the elfwood is a very difficult task – once a piece of wood is cut from the tree, it will harden beyond any treatment within a week. The art is highly treasured – yet no artisan of the present day could hope to reach the heights of the elves in their Eternal Forest, when they simply grew what they needed. To re-create an elfwood sword like the ones from the Eternal Forest is practically impossible today.

Elfwood swords are extremely sharp and nearly unbreakable. (In fact, only another elfwood sword could hope to put a dent in one.) That puts them in great demand – along with their scarcity it easily explains the high price. (Also involved in the pricing is the fact that in some regions and nations, elfwood swords are banned, and the possession of one is considered treason.)

Ordinarily no elfwood sword is ever sold, it is either traded down the family line – or taken from a slain enemy. The owner of such a sword must be in very dire circumstances to put it out for sale!

Buying one is – perhaps – questionable as well. After all, at that high price, you might just as well hire a couple of mercenaries for whatever you need.


Bracers of Light

These appliances are relatively common on Gushémal. The bracers create a pinpoint light, much like a flashlight in the real world. There is no limit to its power (you don’t have to change any batteries); it is activated by a touch to the bracer’s top.


Modayrean Firelighter

Their purpose, as the name implies, is to light fires. In general they are small metal boxes with a button; flick them, and a tiny flame spurts from an opening. So much easier to use than tinder boxes (and not requiring any fuel), they have quickly spread all across Gushémal and are rather commonplace.

The appearance of a firelighter changes in the details, the majority are plain metal, but some have been adorned with ornaments of the most varied kinds – royal seals, say, or other kinds of heraldry. Some are gold, some are silver, some have been painted. (The above stated price is for the plain variety – which might be painted. As soon as artwork is added, or precious metals used, the price goes up.)

Every single one of the firelighters has been produced in the mystical land of Modayre, far up north. There isn’t much that is known about this land, except that they produce magical appliances by the cartload – some as mundane as the firelighters, some far more exquisite and expensive.

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