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7.  Equipment (1)

What would a proper adventurer do without the proper equipment?

  • Explore dark dungeons without a torch?

  • Combat foes without a weapon?

  • Find a treasure – but have nothing to carry the treasure back home?

  • Trapped in a pit without a rope to climb out?

Equipment is one of the foremost regards of any adventurer – and thus necessarily of the players engaged in a RPG. Consider the many possibilities you might run into during a campaign, try to give your characters as many chances to come through successfully.



There are many currencies on Gushémal. Most use similar metals and sequences, although the exchange rates may differ greatly.

In the “home area” of the RPG – which is the Arrufat Peninsula –, the following coins are commonly used: 

Type of Coin Name of Coin Value of Coin

Gold piece (gp)

Gold Dragon

1 gp (1 dragon)

100 sp (100 lions)

10,000 cp (10,000 sparrows)

Silver piece (sp)

Silver Lion

1 sp (1 lion)

100 cp (100 sparrows)

Copper piece (cp)

Copper Sparrow

1 cp (1 sparrow)

At the beginning of a campaign each character receives a certain sum of money so they can afford a few things. Each player has to roll 200 + 10d10 to see how many gold pieces the character has in her pockets.

In other words, roll 10 ten-siders, and the numbers of eyes (e.g. 2 + 5 + 3 + 8 + 4 + 3 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 7 = 47). Add the result to 200. In this example, the character would call a fortune of 247 gold dragons her own.


7.1. Clothes

The famous emperor’s new clothes are rarely suitable in a decent adventure, so your characters had better suit up. Preferably you should check the current environment – such as the season, for instance – and dress accordingly. Another difference is whether you are in a city, where you can expect to be indoors most of the time, or on the road – when you’d better pack a few extra suits of clothing. 

GM Tips

Use your own judgment to determine whether the characters of your party are suitably dressed for the environment. If you feel that their clothes are much too warm for the situation, they should have a few problems.

For instance if one of the characters is a barbarian from the southern steppes who insists on wearing his fur clothes during mid-summer, he’ll be sweating constantly and exhausts rather quickly – compared to his ordinary abilities.

The same would apply if your party is suddenly transported to a different environment where the temperatures radically differ from the original setting. If the characters cannot adjust they will suffer under the weather.

It is up to you, the GM, to determine in which way the characters are troubled. You might give them a negative modifier of –5 (or another value) to any checks of strength or constitution.


  Name Cost  
  Apron, leather 1 gp  
  Baldric, belt sash 65 sp  
  Belt, broad 30 sp  
  Belt, girdle 10 sp  
  Blouse, furred 75 sp  
  Blouse, linen 50 sp  
  Boots, low 1 gp  
  Boots, riding 3 gp  
  Boots, soft 2 gp  
  Breeches 50 sp  
  Broadbelt 1 gp  
  Bustier 50 sp  
  Cannons 75 sp  
  Cap, hat 10 sp  
  Cape, full 40 sp  
  Cape, half 25 sp  
  Chemise 70 sp  
  Chemise, linen 30 sp  
  Cloak, fur 4 gp  
  Cloak, travel 2 gp  
  Cloak, wool 80 sp  
  Cloak, linen 50 sp  
  Corset 2 gp  
  Doublet 2 gp  
  Dress, common 80 sp  
  Dress, noble 25 gp  
  Fullcloth Underwear 60 sp  
  Gloves 10 sp  
  Gown, common 50 sp  
  Gown, fancy 5 gp  
  Hose 50 sp  
  Jacket, leather 5 gp  
  Jacket, linen 1 gp  
  Jacket, silk 50 gp  
  Jacket, wool 70 sp  
  Jerkins 50 sp  
  Leggings 2 gp  
  Leggings, deerskin 10 gp  
  Leggins, leather 8 gp  
  Leggings, linen 50 sp  
  Loincloth / lappet 10 sp  
  Mittens 15 sp  
  Moccasins / slippers 50 sp  
  Nightshirt 75 sp  
  Parka 2 gp  
  Robe, common 1 gp  
  Robe, fancy 5 gp  
  Robe 50 sp  
  Sandals 25 sp  
  Sash 20 sp  
  Shirt, deerskin 5 gp  
  Shirt, linen 50 sp  
  Shirt, silk 50 gp  
  Shoes 80 sp  
  Snowshoes 1 gp  
  Stockings 30 sp  
  Surcoat 1 gp  
  Tabard / cape 30 sp  
  Tunic, furred 5 gp  
  Tunic, leather 2 gp  
  Tunic, linen 60 sp  
  Vest, leather 1 gp  
  Vest, sheepskin 50 sp  
  Vest, wool 30 sp  

Table 14: Clothes (Cost)

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