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Interlude 2: The Castle of Carawlk / "The Lost Temple of Darawk"

Whyever would your characters go to this place?

As you can read in the story Ruins and Hopes, the castle was searched top to bottom by Koyson and Vobul. And those two are pretty darn good at fleecing something or somebody. (Your characters found out about that after the bar brawl in Chapter 1, didn’t they?) They didn’t leave anything of value behind.

All you are going to find in the castle are skeletons (which won’t rise and attack), ancient, rusty weapons (okay, that’s one point: they weren’t too rusty to do damage in the story), and – well, nothing.

The players have probably read the story. (If they haven’t, why? It’s great. I ought to know, I wrote it!) So they know all about the castle, and still they want to go there?


All right, if they are that ornery, they’ve deserved a little punishment.

I entrust to you the development of the castle into a single deathtrap. Give the spurs to your mind, use a bit of sadism and hatred towards players (them idiots love it when you abuse them, trust me). Use the basic descriptions provided in Ruins and Hopes and build on them.

Just install traps at every turn here and there, maybe come up with some dwarven markings that were supposed to warn anybody else (but, whoa, Koyson isn’t known to be a great at spelling). Have fun, and hope your players don’t go traipsing in there. ‘cause they’re gonna buy the farm, if they do, okay?


If you put in that much work, make sure to send the details to marc@gushemal.com. I’m always happy to read about nice little traps, preferably those that are ingenious and/or subtle (but deadly). And there’s a plan we’re pursuing: Sometime in the future we want to publish a compendium of traps, a handy guide on how to kill nasty players in new and wonderfully twisted ways (also including the good ol’ standards).

Oh, I do remember a few occasions when players of mine didn’t want to follow the bait I had so carefully laid out for them. Instead they went to nowhere! Places I had to invent on the fly, and then I really gave them some punishment. Well, when I get that sick, when I get that twisted, I will love every minute of it!

Okay, is that a good moodsetter? Now go out and devise the killer traps – and write me! Thanks a bunch!


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