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Chapter One: The Town of Clearspring (2)

The Drunken Badger (Inn)

Flavor text

In the middle of the road you see the inn, a two-storeyed building that’s in pretty good repair. A fresh coating of white paint has been applied only a few weeks ago, it still glistens in the sunlight. Dark wooden beams crisscross the walls, quaint counterpoints to the fresh white.

Hanging over the broad entrance, there’s the inn’s sign. It’s made of the same dark woods as the beams used in the building. The Drunken Badger is written in a swerving, easy way along the upper rim of the sign, and below you see a badger that’s obviously tipsy, judging by the silly grin on its face, as its paws reach for a thick, fat mug of inviting ale.

You hear bits and pieces of conversation coming from inside, interspersed by laughter. If that weren’t enough, there’s also the scent of a roast pig hitting your noses. (Anyone else want some bacon chips?)


The Drunken Badger is actually a very good inn, a bit surprising perhaps when one considers that relatively few strangers find their way into Clearspring. But the owners, Jerasp and Dwyhaney Shelft, are rather proud of their little place, and like many people in Clearspring believe that the future will bring a lot more business their way.

In his youth Jerasp was a bit of a traveller himself. He’s seen quite a lot of the Wild Coast and brought home several souvenirs – amongst them a prized tooth from a forest dragon he killed himself – that he keeps on display in the commons. In his mind, Clearspring has a lot of trade to offer to the outside world, which means that merchants aplenty will have to come into town as soon as the word gets around. In preparation for that he and his wife have put a lot of work into The Drunken Badger, improving every part of the inn to perfection. The top floor has several guest rooms that are comfortable and pleasant, even though – currently – they are almost always empty.

That the food is so excellent it attracts many locals is not a result of the Shelft’s business intents but only due to the fact that Dwyhaney enjoys cooking. (It helps that everybody in Clearspring continuously congratulates on her food and encourages her to get better and better.)



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