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This module should only be read by game masters!



Adventures and Modules
A warning to players
Structure of this module
Note to veteran GMs
Invitation to YOU
Required for this module

How to turn a RPG into a fun experience!

Role-Playing is work
What is a RPG session?
How to approach the session
Character histories and quirks

Chapter One: The Town of Clearspring

Excerpt from Ruins and Hopes
Plot Guideline
Introducing the party of adventurers
Are the characters together from the start?
Are the characters locals or foreigners?
Pre-existing party
Local character
Dwarf character
Elf or Elvenkin character

The Drunken Badger (inn)
Ground Floor
Food, Drink and Lodging (Prices)
NPCs at The Drunken Badger

What happens now?
The courier
The bar brawl (Koyson & Vobul)

The town of Clearspring
Make Clearspring your party's base of operations!
Another Invitation to YOU
The Darawk Shrine
The Smithy
The Drugs and Groceries Store
The Tailor's Shop
Other shops
The Townhall

The Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
Koyson Seabourne, dwarf
Vobul, furrag
Taurall Nemchek, courier
Jerasp Shelft, owner of the inn The Drunken Badger
Dwyhaney Shelft, wife of Jerasp
Estebin Morhawk
Zevia Habarme, seamstress and owner of the Tailor's Shop
Cravit Daig, miner
Eilig, alreu
Sage Urquart, Darawk priest
Kayrol Bearrun, mayor

Interlude 1: The mines

Plot Guideline
The mountains
The mines

The landslide
Damage to the party
The party to the rescue

In case of failure
If Daig gets out
The hook

Interlude 2: The castle of Carawlk / "The lost temple of Darawk"

Chapter Two: Trebonshire Forest

Plot Guideline
Random Encounters

Plot information
Description and statistics
Encountering the bandits - how?
Encounter Type 1
Encounter Type 2
Encounter Type 3

Immediate rewards
Excuse me, which way to the bad guy?
And the party resumes its course

Chapter Three: River Island

Plot Guideline
The Journey
The River Island
Crossing to the island
The Bandit Leader
The Water Creatures

The bandit leader's shack
The loot

Heading back to Clearspring

Chapter Four: Clearspring once more

Plot Guideline
Return to The Drunken Badger
Nemchek's personal stats
Magical spell: protection skin
Tiger arrows
Hyacinth shield
Magical attack on the shield
Other "energy" attacks
Running the combat

The necklace
Should one of the characters have died...
On Nemchek's story about the bridal present
Inserting clues beforehand
On to the next adventure