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8.  Optional Rules 

In this chapter you will find rules that are not firmly a part of the GRPG. GMs are free to work them into their game.

Why present optional rules at all? Why not put them right in the regular rules?

The reason for that is to keep the game a bit more variable and not rigidly structured. The rules in this section can improve the game, but they are not required. And in some cases they might not even impact the game at all.

Take a look at these rules and make up your own mind whether you think they are good for your game.


Please note that we currently have only one optional rule. This section will grow with time, especially if you make suggestions on house rules. Those in particular can be incorporated in this chapter, and rest assured that if any of your suggested rules are published in this chapter, your name will appear right along with them.


8.1. House Rules

The GRPG is not a fixed structure which has to be obeyed at all costs. Following each rule to its exact letter might lead to a game session bogging down (might, I underline, it doesn’t have to). Sometimes the rules don’t sit too well with both GM and players, for such a multitude of reasons that I won’t even begin to enumerate them.

And sometimes a GM has an idea how to solve a specific situation better than the official system has stated. (Since we are infallible, that is impossible, but we pretend otherwise for a moment. Just kidding.)

In that case, the GM may introduce a so-called house rule, in accordance with the players. That is just such an optional rule as I have described in the introduction to this chapter; it can change and/or enhance the way GRPG runs at your gaming table.

If you feel the need, you may also alter the usage of certain skills, weapons, equipment, etc. But please think your changes through, they are likely to affect the entire balance of the game.


Should you have developed a house rule that you feel would make an excellent addition to the official rules, please send them to chris@gushemal.com. They might wind up in future editions as either optional rules or as regular rules.


8.2. The "Always hit or miss" rule

This rule allows the element of chance to enter into combat: The perfect super-warrior, veteran of countless battles, excellently schooled in the use of his weapons, can still miss a target, or fail a parry. No matter how good he has become in his training, there is a chance that his skills slip for a moment – and the aura of infallibility falls off.

On the other hand the poor, unskilled peasant – who normally would be no more than sword fodder – has the odd chance of hitting a fully armored knight. Imagine the thrill of this situation, when the peasant defending his field… actually succeeds against seemingly impossible odds!

How does this work?

For every attack you roll a percentage check – as you normally do in combat. But with this rule in place, rolling 01 – 05 means that your character automatically hits his target. It doesn’t matter whether the roll would have been successful according to the regular rules.

On the other hand, rolling 96 – 00 means the character automatically misses, even though technically (by the regular rules) he would have scored a hit.

As you can see, this allows the seemingly impossible – and it makes the game a bit less predictable.


The same rule can also be used for skills.


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