Nations and Places

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Nations and Places

Table of Contents


A Map of the World

The Calendar of Gushémal

Section I: Nations

Section II: Places of Renown


A Map of the World

Welcome dear travellers, so that you might look at the world of Gushémal
and see where your weary feet have carried you in your journeys, to see the land
from the perspective of the dragon, flying over the skies.

Forgive the sketchiness of my first designs, for I am still gathering more information
as to the precise lay of the land. With time, as much as my old and wizened fingers can
do justice to the beauty of the world, this map shall increase in detail, to be worthy of
all the beauty that your eyes have seen.


Commentary from Marc and Chris:

Well, are you bloody satisfied with that now, you nagging <insert liberal curses and shouts>?
So, there's a map, and if you're lucky we might even continue working on it!

Just so you know how much work was put into it, Marc spent about eight hours working out this measley
<insert even more of your all-time favorite curses (*)> map. Should he develop some more masochistic
tendencies, he might continue putting in more details.

But in case you, dear reader, have any abilities in this regard, please write to and
relieve him of this arduous task. You can be sure that you have his everlasting gratitude (well, it'll last long
enough to send you a mail, that much is sure). Seriously folks, we would love if some of you artists helped
us out with the map. Otherwise you're stuck with stuff like this. Up to you, folks!

(*) Trust us, Marc came up with more while he was working on the map. (Chris says, "And I had to listen
to half of them! Do you have any idea what the bugger put me through?")