Magic: Spells and Blessings

Section 1: Spells of Magic

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Table of Contents


Section I: Spells

Section II: Blessings

Section III: Magical Appliances


The Stalking Cat
(Silent Boots)


“Silences the noise of footfalls; effective sneaking no matter what footwear is employed.


“wads of cotton, blood, footwear


“Cast enchantment (see exact spell in appendage) on cotton. Prick finger (or use any other source of blood; needs to be of same species as user) and drop blood on cotton. Due to the enchantment, the blood will instantly transform into a transparent liquid. (If traces of red persist, repeat the procedure.) Apply liquid to footwear. Make sure to achieve a complete cover, particularly on the soles. If the cover is incomplete, not all noise will be masked.


“(1) Only partially succesful for users of heterogenous origin, e.g. part-elves or part-humans, if the wizard casting the spell is a different person. For complete success, the user’s blood has to be employed for the spell.

“(2) Recommended for secret operations. Thievery is disencouraged.

“(3) Requires minimal expenditure of TL; usable by entrance level wizards.”

Walling Styvan,
Wizard, Daeshael
(excerpted from “Spell Instructions: The Heritage of Alwouldiss”, 3122 A.E.)