Magic: Spells and Blessings

Section 1: Spells of Magic

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Table of Contents


Section I: Spells

Section II: Blessings

Section III: Magical Appliances


Wall-Scaling Gloves

“The power to climb a wall, that’s something mortals dream of. It’s not on the same level as the dream of flying, but it seems quite magnificent and rare. Why should it be only the province of lowly creatures such as flies or spiders or lizards?

“The purpose of this spell? Ask a soldier, and he’ll praise it for being able to scale the walls of a fortress without the aid of ladders that could be thrown off by the defenders. Ask a thief, and he’ll go on for hours about how he reached a treasure room by way of the window, no matter that it was supposedly safe at five stories above ground. Ask the performing artist, and he’ll smile as he recounts some of the spectacular shows he put on thanks to the spell.

“The usage is fairly simple. Cast a spell on a pair of gloves, and they will stick to any surface as long as you will them to – meaning that you can let go of said surface at any given time, to find new purchase higher above. Of course a snug fit of the glove is required, else the hand may slip out; it is also wise to cast a similar spell on your boots, just in case there aren’t sufficient grooves in the wall for your feet.

“And, most remarkably, if you have done so, there is nothing to stop you from climbing under the ceiling. A few years ago, there was one performing artist who did so regularly. The wizard assisting him had enchanted his leggings, so he could safely drop his upper body, dangling from the legs, and then he went through a juggling routine that was dazzling. I wish there had been a way to record his show so that our descendants could still enjoy it. Alas, there is none. And that artist died a little later – not during a performance, mind you. The cruel irony of fate had him die in a fire that consumed the inn where he stayed.

“It needs be noted that this is not a spell for the beginners. Although the spell does not consume too much magical energy, it requires advanced understanding of magic, such as provided in the higher classes of wizardry. If a beginner should learn the wording of this spell and try to employ it, there might be unfortunate side effects – there have been reports of one foolish student enchanting his hands to melt into the gloves. It took the efforts of two clerics to undo as much damage as possible.

“Nonetheless, there are ways for beginners to safely employ this spell. As is so often the case, there are a variety of magical appliances that provide the same effect. Of course they are not widely available; in fact, most are treasured items. In other words, a wizard desiring to learn the spell had better advance sufficiently in his art, or forget about it.”

Alwouldiss of Daeshael,
Master Wizard, Arrufat Peninsula
(excerpted from "The Book of Easy Spells", first edition 3099 A.E.)