Magic: Spells and Blessings

Section 1: Spells of Magic

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Table of Contents


Section I: Spells

Section II: Blessings

Section III: Magical Appliances


The Blinding Light of Attention

“Not the costliest of spells, yet quite useful, I have found. All it effects is a wave of blinding light that radiates out from the wizard – commonly white light, of course, since it is the most intense. Occasionally wizards have experimented with different colors, of less brightness, such as red or blue or green. As one might imagine, the purpose of these experiments has been artistic rather than any other.

“In fact, during a solstice feast only a few years ago a group of students at our local college put the blinding light spell to very good use as entertainment. They formed a pentagram on a pedestal, some eight feet above the floor, and then they alternated sending out the light spells in the most varied of colors, also at varying intensities. At the same time a band was playing, and our students synchronized the rhythms of their spell casting with the music – a splendidly beautiful sight was the result. Also a very original use of one of the most basic of spells. (Need I mention that these students graduated quite high in their classes? Originality is after all one of the most important characteristics of any wizard.)

“Remembering that show, it is almost sad to which purposes this spell is commonly used. As its official name indicates, it was designed to draw the attention of a crowd to the wizard. Imagine a sudden wash of brightness hitting you, and once sight is returned to your eyes, you will automatically glance towards the origin of that brightness. By the same token, the spell also has a certain calming effect – or at least interruptive.

“Another valid use is in battle. Just as any crowd on any market place can be interrupted by this wave of light, so can any battle in the heat of waging war find itself stopped in utter blindness. It takes some moments for sight to return, which could leave an opponent helpless for that duration.

“Unfortunately the simple spell of blinding light can not be directed at a specific target but rather is circular and affects all save the wizard (and those who have been warned to close their eyes). Therefore the effect of blinding a foe often similarly affects the friend, as well, and thus the effects cancel each other out.

“(See further spells on blinding light)”

Alwouldiss of Daeshael
Master Wizard, Arrufat Peninsula
(excerpted from “The Book of Easy Spells”, first edition 3099 A.E.)