Magic: Spells and Blessings

Section 3: Magical Appliances

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Table of Contents


Section I: Spells

Section II: Blessings

Section III: Magical Appliances


The Dragon Rod

Note: The following report from the famed Dragonrider Corps has been especially edited and declassified for this volume.

General Description: A dragon rod is a magical weapon that fires bolts of concentrated energy at high power. It consists of the actual rod which is attached to the wearer’s arm by several thin, twisted (but immensely strong) appendages to a bracer around the lower arm. The firing mechanism is a round plate that extends into the palm; pushing the plate with the two center fingers or forming a fist triggers the dragon rod to fire. The rod itself is generally covered with arcane symbols (as yet untranslated), its back end tapers into a semblance of a tail while the front is shaped like a gaping dragon’s maw.

Function: It is yet unknown how the beam is generated. Reports have shown that the weapon’s beam can easily carve holes into stone or burn a targeted person within seconds. The maximum range reported was half a mile; during said incident the bearer of the weapon had the arm raised to shoulder level, and additional appendages had attached to the shoulder, possibly to further stabilize the aim.

“Otherwise it has been noted that the power of the dragon rod’s ray can be lowered. This is probably done to conserve energy (source of energy: as yet unknown). This lower power is apparently the most common usage.

“At these lower intensities, the ray will only drill a hole into the body of the targeted person, more perfectly than a crossbow quarrel could hope. Armor of whichever material currently known does not prove effective protection; the beam pierces it easily upon entering and exiting the target.

Methods of defense: None have been finalized, work is still proceeding. Reports seem to indicate that reflective surfaces such as mirrors are able to deflect the beam, although this depends on the intensity of the beam. At high force, the beam will burn off all reflection before any noteworthy deflection takes place. Better materials, perhaps with magical enhancement, will have to be developed.

Origin: Clearly the dragon rod is a product from the land of Modayre, located at the northernmost tip of the continent. Little is known about Modayre, secluded in a circular mountain the walls of which are difficult to scale; furthermore it is surrounded by a barely penetrable jungle. The Modayreans are evidently master wizards and have produced a large variety of magical appliances that range from mundane items such as the widely available firelighters to those high-powered ones that are available only to a very select group. Dragon rods appear to be among the most treasured and guarded items; their like has only rarely been witnessed outside of Modayre.

Known locations: (1) Modayre itself. Rumors abound that dragon rods are commonplace weaponry there, yet no substantiation has been achieved. (2) Chazevo: A merchant by the name of C. Tangrain has close ties to Modayre and equipped his bodyguard force with two dragon rods.”

From a report by the Dragonrider Corps, 3166 A.E.