Magic: Spells and Blessings

Section 3: Magical Appliances

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Table of Contents


Section I: Spells

Section II: Blessings

Section III: Magical Appliances


Bracers of Light

“Have you ever wandered through a cave and cursed that ill-smelling torch of yours? Ever had it go out on you, just when you needed it the most?

“Or do you worry about the streets when, after a good night of feasting, you have to return? Do you wonder what lurks in the shadows? And do you wish your torch were bright enough to pierce the shadows?

“Well, if any of that applies to you, worry no more! For herewith I present to you a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire one of the most advanced magical appliances ever created! Only a few were ever produced, by the great and admired Alwouldiss of Daeshael! Yes, by that one and only wizard of might unsurpassed, the one who so wondrously disappeared around the turn of the century – only his knowledge and repute remain.

And his magical BRACERS OF LIGHT!

“Fit one of them over your hand, like any other bracer – and a beam of light will be produced by the bracer that brightens any darkness. No more fear of the dark! Alwouldiss’ bracer of light will cure you of that ill – and frighten away all the evil that lurks!

“But not only that, Alwouldiss’ bracers of light are decorative, too, with an ingenious rune-like design on its top, unique on each bracer! Some say the design is an actual rune, but I say it looks just splendid on everyone, be it a warrior who needs the light to fight demons of the dark – or a lady who would like to impress on a ball with her understanding of magic – or the Darawk priest on an excursion to explore unknown places! Oh, yes, the bracers of light are not only excellent tools, they also make great accessories to your appearance.

“Just think how one of them would look on you!

“Just think what you could do with them!

“And, last but surely not least, think how it would feel to own an appliance created by the very Alwouldiss of Daeshael!

“For only three gold dragons (3 GD) you can find out how it feels! Hurry up and send your order in today – the supply is short, and there will never be new bracers! Certainly none that can match up to Alwouldiss’ bracers of light!

Esojairam Raznal,
Merchant of Arrufat Peninsula (Daeshael)


Note: I could not resist including the text of this leaflet in my book. It was distributed by magiscribe a few weeks ago, and one leaflet was addressed to me. It makes you wonder how much sense this Raznal fellow can have to send an advertisement such as this to the dean of a college of wizardry!

It is clearly a forgery in that Alwouldiss never left any such bracers about – and any first-year student of magic who hasn’t slept through every single lecture knows that they aren’t terribly difficult to produce. In fact, Alwouldiss was probably too bored by such mundane magic as to involve himself in them.

Of course the authorities in Daeshael aren’t interested in putting an end to the foul business of this Raznal fellow. I magiscribed them the very day I received the advertisement, and nearly a month later was informed that they saw no need for further investigation. I suppose that they have been bribed, as is so often the case with the officials of the Arrufat Peninsula. They lack good discipline, like our Cayaborean officials possess.

No matter. Let this leaflet be a warning to you that few advertisements of this kind are genuine.

As for the bracers themselves, they require of course a wizard schooled in the creation of magical appliances, and one who has a bit of thaumaturgical energy stored up. Otherwise there is no trouble at all – certainly nothing that would require Alwouldiss! If I properly recall the values of those Arrufat coins, a good bracer that lasts for some four hundred hours of usage should cost about fifteen to twenty silver lions – less than a tenth of the price Raznal demands.

While I am on the topic of warnings, I have also seen bracers – or similar light-giving items – on sale for only a few copper coins. They should be avoided at all costs. Most give out after a few hours, hardly outlasting the day (but giving the merchant enough time to clean out his stall or shop, I suppose); some unfortunately have more serious side effects.

Arinesse Sol,
Royal College of Wizardry,
Hallowton, Cayaboré